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Fun Flickr Ideas for Sculpey Crafts

Enter to win a set of Premo! Sculpey clay

One of the coolest gifts I ever got was a Christmas ornament that was none other than Trogdor the Burninator, complete with a little Santa hat. Unfortunately, he broke sometimes during the process of one of my moves. I wish I had taken a picture of him when he was whole. Sigh. One of the […]


Jurassic World Giveaway of Dinosaur Chocolates!

Jurassic world giveaway of dinosaur chocolates

I had a chance to go to my favorite geeky chocolate shop today AKA The Truffle Cottage.  They are always creating new kinds for upcoming movies and other events like comic book conventions. I was delighted to see some dinosaur chocolates when I visited their page on Facebook just in time for the opening of Jurassic […]


Meet Brigham City, Part of 14 Utah Adventures + (Ended) Giveaway!

Welcome to Brigham City, UT, Gateway to the World’s Greatest Wild Bird Refuge.  This quaint little town in Northern Utah doesn’t get much traffic, and that’s ok for us that live here.  Sometimes we want to keep it to ourselves!  This tight nit community has a historical feel and it’s a great place to raise […]