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He Loved Me Because I Gave Him Chlamydia

One time I gave my boyfriend a Giant Microbes plush Chlamydia :)

When Eric’s birthday came around during our first year of dating, I knew I wanted to get him something quirky and memorable. After all, I had finally found The One (I believed at the time, and it turned out to be true) and I wanted to shower him with some fun geeky presents. This site […]


Just a Little Story About How 2 Dorks Got Married

We were just friends, at first.  I met my hubby Eric about 3 years ago at a church munch and mingle.  We both liked Mystery Science Theater 3000, huzzah! I didn’t like him THAT way, though (more like didn’t realize, but we’ll get to that,)  so nothing came of it.  I moved away for a couple […]