He Loved Me Because I Gave Him Chlamydia

One time I gave my boyfriend a Giant Microbes plush Chlamydia :)
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When Eric’s birthday came around during our first year of dating, I knew I wanted to get him something quirky and memorable. After all, I had finally found The One (I believed at the time, and it turned out to be true) and I wanted to shower him with some fun geeky presents.

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I turned to ThinkGeek.com for inspiration. You simply MUST visit if you haven’t yet.  There are so many wonderfully geeky things available on there.  I just ordered some Miracle Berry Tablets for school and home parties (this is the fruit that makes sour things taste sweet.) I wish that I could buy one of, well, practically everything!

We both loved video games, so I thought the 8-bit tie would be a spiffy addition to his wardrobe.

It was there, also, that I found Clem. ThinkGeek sells the line of Giant Microbes, which are plushies modeled to look like various bacteria and viruses.  Long ago, my first major in college had been microbiology. I thought it would be hilarious if I could say that I gave him some nasty disease, but it was really only a little stuffed microbe. I decided on Giant Microbes Chlamydia.  I *think* we had joked about that previously, but I don’t remember for sure.

And he loved it!

He told me later that this was one of the things that made him start thinking I was The One for him.  I love having someone who gets my sense of humor. I hear it was a very amusing conversation when he told his mom what I had gotten for him since he neglected to mention at first that it was the stuffed version and not the real disease.

What wacky gifts have you gotten?

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