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Use This Pot Rack for Small Kitchens

When we were over at our friend Lydia’s new place, I noticed that she had an awesome pot rack. It wasn’t hanging from the ceiling like the ones I usually see; it was affixed right on the wall. I thought that this was a great idea for a pot rack for small kitchens like mine […]


Hotel Living, Here We Come!

The past month or so has been crazy.  We found out in December that we needed to move out since the landlady’s cousin was to move into our apartment.  Happy Christmas to us! 😛  She did give us until the end of January since she didn’t give notice in time for the end of Dec. […]


Gingerbread Man and House, Arrested Development Style

We went to a party at the apartment of a couple former roomies o’ mine.  We watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, ate lots of things I shouldn’t have, and had a merry time. Part of the fun was decorating those premade gingerbread houses from Wilton and some gingerbread men.  Eric tried to assemble one, but the […]


Chickens and Tasers in the Classroom

Today was yet another crazy day in our little Montessori classroom.  One of the little girls was late today.  I noticed she brought in this diaper box with her, saying it was her Show and Tell, which we do on Friday afternoons. I was busy trying to shuttle everyone around to their Friday Academy classes […]


Plants vs. Zombies Invaded Our School Garden Box

I teach grades 1-3 with another teacher at a Montessori school. It’s my first year and it’s been a wild ride. The learning style is much different than I had in my own schooling.  We have a fun bunch of kids, though.  You never know what the munchkins will come up with next! This post […]


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