Use This Pot Rack for Small Kitchens

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This pot rack could work well in apartment kitchens

When we were over at our friend Lydia’s new place, I noticed that she had an awesome pot rack. It wasn’t hanging from the ceiling like the ones I usually see; it was affixed right on the wall. I thought that this was a great idea for a pot rack for small kitchens like mine and hers.

I loved it so much that I took a picture of hers and hopped on over to IKEA, where it came from. I had fun shopping there and I was so excited to have a pot rack…

…And it sat in the boxes for about a month. We were busy and tired and just didn’t get around to it. We didn’t have a nice cordless drill to put it up with easily; I had a corded one somewhere, but who knows where it was in the mess. Yadda yadda yadda…excuses galore.

While Eric was off on a biz trip, our wonderful friend Julie got me motivated to tidy up, unpack and declutter! While I am not to the Hoarders level (thank goodness!), I like to keep a lot of things around past when I should get rid of them.  With her help I actually got rid of stuff and made our house nicer. I bought a nifty cordless drill.  A pretty pot rack was born!

I feel so organized for once!
We did modify it from the original inspiration. Lydia had her pot lid holders separately underneath the hanging pots, I didn’t want mine to hang that low, so I have them behind the pots.  I planned on having a chest freezer (coming Saturday!) so I wanted more room.  I also used a longer rack and an additional pot lid bar. Now that I have these hung up, there is so much more room in my cabinets.

It’s weird how little things can make you feel so grown up. I feel like a real chef in my own kitchen now that I have this setup. It’s sure to make the food taste better somehow, right?


We moved to a new house that is larger…except there didn’t seem to be anywhere to put a pot rack. I kept musing about how much I would miss it. We finally measured in the pantry and figured out that there would be enough room to install one and still easily access the shelves. Tada!

Want this look?  It’s part of the Grundtal stainless steel shelving line, which you can get on Amazon if there isn’t an IKEA nearby. Have you made something like this before?

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