Would You Buy One Wednesday: Muffin Tops Baking Cups

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I love puns! One of my favorite series is the Xanth collection by Piers Anthony, a fantasy series that is chock full of puntastic delights. My journey to this magical land started when I found a copy of A Spell for Chameleon in the gutter, of all places. I fell in love with the story and have read most of the series. You laugh (and groan) at all of the clever creatures, places and situations that he creates in the world of Xanth. I just looked on Amazon and there are now 35 books in the series. Once I catch up on all of the books I already have on my to-do list (yeah right), I need to read through all of them again and catch up on the ones I have not gotten to yet. I highly recommend it!

I smiled when I found these Muffin Tops Baking Cups. I will admit that I have created the muffin top effect from time to time in the past, especially when I have been dieting and am SO excited that I am able to zip up *THAT* pair of pants again…even if it is such a tight squeeze that aforesaid muffin top springs up. These days I prefer clothing that, ya know, actually fits better. Who knew? I am working on purging some of my “someday” clothes since I figure if I lose a lot of weight, I get to have fun and go on a shopping spree. Right?

You get 4 little muffin top silicone baking cups in this set. “Little” seems to be an operative word after reading some of the comments, since they are just 2½” x 2″ in size. I still think I will add them to my Amazon wish list for fun.

So leave a comment…Would You Buy One? Why or why not? Have you ever sported a muffin top? 🙂

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