Plants vs. Zombies Invaded Our School Garden Box

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I teach grades 1-3 with another teacher at a Montessori school. It’s my first year and it’s been a wild ride. The learning style is much different than I had in my own schooling.  We have a fun bunch of kids, though.  You never know what the munchkins will come up with next!

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They have a designated work time every morning for math, language, and cultural activities. A couple of days ago I discovered that some of the boys had spent their time making zombies for our garden planter box…a la Plants vs. Zombies. Naturally, I wasn’t thrilled that they were doing this instead of their work, but I couldn’t help admiring it.  I secretly took pictures after school so I could post it here.  Behold!

Here’s the whole scene. This planter box holds radishes, parsnips, and carrots.  The huge zombie was just peering over the top, but I moved him up a bit to show him off.

Closeups of some of the individual zombies.

What’s Plants vs Zombies without the plants?

Have you played the game before?  What’s your favorite type of zombie and plant?

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