This Star-Lord Rock Painting Tutorial Will Help You Get Ready for Avengers:Infinity War

Star-Lord Rock Painting Tutorial
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Star-Lord is my favorite Marvel character. Okay, it MIGHT have to do a little with the fact that I have a wee bit of a crush on Chris Pratt and happen to have a life-sized cardboard cutout of Star-Lord in my house because of it, but still. I absolutely loved both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and am so excited that they will be showing up in Avengers: Infinity War.

Today I have a guest post from Angela Milnes, who loves to share fun ideas over at The Inspiration Edit and on her husband’s blog Mr. Geek And Gadgets. I told her that I loved him and she was able to quickly paint up this awesome rock.


First, A Note if You Hide These:

Rock painting is pretty popular right now. People love to create designs, then hide these in places where others can find them. If you are going to do it, there are some good practices that you should follow.

  • Don’t trespass. Yes, that one spot may seem like a perfect spot to hide them, but respect others by only hiding them where you are allowed to go.
  • Don’t hide them in National Parks or Monuments, or State Parks. These areas can have delicate ecosystems and taking or leaving rocks can disrupt that.
  • Don’t put them somewhere such that a person can trip over them, like the middle of a trail. You can leave them in plain sight on the side if you desire.
  • Try sealing them when done so that the design will last longer.
Star-Lord Rock Painting Tutorial

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Supplies for rock painting a Star-Lord design

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To create your Star-Lord rock, begin by coming up with a design. You may want to sketch a rough idea onto your sketch pad or draw directly onto your stone.

I looked online for ideas and drew the Star-Lord character directly onto the rock stone using a pencil. I had an eraser and pencil sharpener to help with this process.

Pin this now so you can find it later!

After you outline your design, start by painting in the mask on your Star-Lord rock

Once a rough outline was complete, I began by painting the inside of Star-Lord’s mask. I used grey and white pens to make a lighter shade on the inside and then used the grey on its own for the outside of the mask.

Use a peach pen to paint part of Star-Lord's hair
Next, I used a peachy posca paint pen to colour the top of Star-Lord’s hair, his neck, and hands. I then used the brown post pen to color his shoes, part of his jacket and the rest of the hair.
The next step was to color in Star-Lord’s red eyes followed by his signature jacket. I used a darker red for the jacket to make Star-Lord stand out.
Use a thin black pen to outline Star-Lord on your rock
Once the main colors were dry, I began to outline my Star-Lord character with a thin black Posca pen. I find using a thin pen for detailing is much better than a thick paint pen since it helps to make detailing more accurate.
Finished Star-Lord rock painting project

Now it is complete! Why not try one for yourself? You might like to paint him holding a weapon or maybe make a set of characters from Guardians of the Galaxy.Rock painting can be super fun and can be done on a budget if you find your own stones to paint. All you need are some good quality paint pens and they will last a while giving you time to experiment and make plenty of stones. Enjoy!

What other kinds of designs would you paint on a rock? Leave a comment below!

Learn how to paint rocks with a Star-Lord design

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    Aww this is so cute, my friend would love this

      • Miss Nessa
      • April 17, 2018

      Thanks, I just want to make a lot and hide them everywhere now 🙂

    • Pepi
    • April 21, 2018

    OMG!!! SO CUTE!!! We have a marvelous beach plenty of rocks in Brighton 😉 It’s the perfect place to go and pick up the stones and then go back and put them there for people to pick them up! Thank you for the idea <3 <3

  2. Reply

    I remember painting rocks when I was a kid! This is really cool 🙂 By the way I just saw Avengers Infinity War and I won’t put any spoilers in here but that scene with Star Lord and Thor was one of the best things I’ve seen ahahaha

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