Animal Facts Lesson Plan + Geeky Educational Link Up

Animal facts lesson plan - Geeky Educational Link Up
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Animal facts lesson plan - Geeky Educational Link Up

Are you ready to add some more geekiness to your education? This week over at Waldorf Salad and Cottage Fries, venture into the dark jungles of Indonesia to spy on a Bengal Tiger or travel to the hot sandy deserts of the Sahara to discuss the Jeroba. She has some great suggestions for books that can help you make up a nice animal facts lesson plan. I could make a simplified version of the card game for Miss ZZ as she learns the basic animals.

I remember enjoying the little fact sheets that the children would make when I was working at a Montessori school. Imagine my surprise and amusement when one of the little girls wrote one about me specifically after a short little interview. I made a copy so that I could put it on my fridge.

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