Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast: 5 Fandom Friday

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Our task this week as part of 5 Fandom Friday was to pick characters to invite over for Thanksgiving. Here are some that popped into my head:

He does hate snakes indeed.
He does hate snakes indeed.

1. Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is the first celebrity crush that I remember (I also adored him as Han Solo of course). Always ready for an adventure, smart, and that grin!

THIS moment....swoon!
THIS moment….swoon!

2.Jim from The Office

I was a Jim and Pam ‘shipper back in the day and had a bit of a crush on him myself. He was devoted to her indeed. I love how he is silly, but can be serious when needed. Swoon.


Wait….I need to do more than just inviting all of my geeky celeb crushes or Mister Eric might get jealous! Hmmm…..


3. Dr. Horrible

He’s just misunderstood! Did you see that look at the end when he said he didn’t feel a thing? I love seeing a different side of the typical hero vs. villain story. The songs are amazingly fun and it’s one of my favorite musicals. They have sing-a-longs at Salt Lake Comic Cons and other Comic Cons, but it’s always been late enough in the day that I need to go home and put Miss ZZ to bed before it happens. Sadness indeed. Even Dr. Horrible needs a little love and compassion, so I’ll invite him to the turkey table.


Ah, I wish I could go to Italy in this era.
Ah, I wish I could go to Italy in this era.

4. Ezio Auditore

This one is for Mister Eric. He’s a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series (I just bought Unity for him…wife points!) and the character that I hear him mention most is Ezio. Someday I need to work on helping him sew up a costume for one of the conventions. I will be his Sofia.


I said consummate Vs!
I said consummate Vs!

5.Strong Bad

I am so excited that is up and running again! Some friends and I are going to do HR crafts soon. If Strong Bad comes, he could help while making quips and being silly. The Cheat can come too. And Trogdor, as long as he doesn’t burninate the bird.


Photo Credits:

  • Indiana Jones: kennymatic via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License
  • Jim: Screenshot by  doobybrain via Flickr Creative Commons AttributionNoDerivatives License
  • Dr. Horrible: Screenshot by kevin dooley via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License
  • Ezio Auditore: Serious Cat via Flickr Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike License
  • Strong Bad: mrdorkesq via Flickr Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike License
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  1. Reply

    ah I love Indiana Jones! He’s a great choice 🙂

  2. Reply

    Dr. Horrible IS misunderstood. Maybe a good old fashioned Thanksgiving feast would help. At least there would be awesome singing

  3. Reply

    Great list. Jim is so swoonworthy and I bet he’d pull some pranks if you invited Dwight!
    Also Strongbad is such a blast from the past! Great addition!

    • cole
    • November 24, 2014

    omg dr horrible would be amazing to invite! Maybe I’ll come to your house lol!

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