Homeschool Science Curriculums K-12 | Geeky Educational Link Up 5/19/15

Homeschool science curriculums K-12
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Homeschool science curriculums K-12

Are you looking for a Homeschool Science Curriculum? Well, today over at Waldorf Salad and Cottage Fries, Andrea shares some of her favorites covering grades K-12. Click on the name of each company to be taken to their science curriculum offerings.

I am pleased to see that PBS Kids starts at the toddler age. Science is my favorite subject and I hope that Miss ZZ loves it too. They have a section on “Science in the Kitchen”. If you think about it, cooking is really just a form of chemistry. We have a learning tower in our kitchen so she can reach the counters and help out. I can use these tips to help introduce some scientific concepts.

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