5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately

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It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday! When it comes to fashion, I’m not usually into following the seasonal fashions and just wear whatever I feel like that day. When it comes to geeky clothing, however, I am totally on board. One of my favorite T-shirts for around the house and about is my Trogdor one.  I also now own a Dalek bathrobe.

Miss ZZ doesn’t have to be sick to hear this song 🙂

1. Soft Kitty T-Shirt

We do watch this show, but I really want this Soft Kitty shirt from Ripple Junction because I use this song as one of the lullabies I sing to Miss ZZ (another kinda geeky one is “My Little Buttercup” from Three Amigos) on many days. It’s short and simple and we love it. I like it best in black or grey. Found on ThinkGeek and Amazon.

Van Gogh TARDIS Shirt Navy, XL
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff here

2. The TARDIS Van Gogh Shirt

Why yes, I am a Whovian. Isn’t this shirt just gorgeous? You can get it on ThinkGeek, which is simply one of the best shopping sites EVER! I almost got one of these off of a geeky Buy/Sell/Trade page but didn’t move fast enough. Le sigh.

Handpainted Super Mario Converse? Yes please! Image by slopjop via Flickr CC Attribution-ShareAlike License


3. Geeky Converse

I usually am not into brand names necessarily, but I am when it comes to these shoes. I LOVE them and have forever. I even wore a pair of sparkly blue ones on my wedding day. I am still trying to figure out what size to wear (alas, pregnancy did indeed increase my shoe size to something more than 10. Bah) so I can Buy All the Converse. I need some geeked out handpainted ones like these lovelies for sure!

Someday I will have a costume as beautiful as this... Image by carianoff via Flickr CC Attribution-ShareAlike License
Someday I will have a costume as beautiful as this… Image by carianoff via Flickr CC Attribution-ShareAlike License

4. An Exquisitely Made Zelda Cosplay

I have been Zelda before. My effort was decent I think. I took an angel costume and modified it to be the base of the dress. I made armor out of craft foam and handpainted my sash, among other details. Some day, though, I want to have a version that is intricate and more on the professional level.


Miss ZZ makes a darling little Rapunzel, doesn’t she?

5. More Baby Costumes!

It technically isn’t for my closet, but I want to buy and make all sorts of costumes for Miss ZZ. She won this Rapunzel pinafore from Fairy Tailored. I visited their booth at the Salt Lake Comic Con and loved their costumes. I have lots and lots of fun ideas for ones that she could wear. It will be especially fun when she gets a bit older and can help me make them or create her own.


What geeky clothing do YOU need in your closet? Happy 5 Fandom Friday!

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  1. Reply

    I have the exploding TARDIS tee from Her Universe and love it! Your lil is the cutest Princess!! xx

    • Dahlia DW
    • October 11, 2014

    The baby costume!! Too cute! And of course, the Soft Kitty makes an appearance! Love it!

    • Jessica
    • October 12, 2014

    I love the Super Mario Converse!


    • Linda Short
    • October 15, 2014

    I really like the Mario shoes!

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