5 Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today

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Welcome to the first edition of 5 Fandom Friday! It’s a fun series that a bunch of geeky bloggers are doing together, spearheaded by The Nerdie Girlie in conjunction with Super Space Chick. Here are some of the fandoms and pastimes that have made me into the geeky girl that I am today.

1. Books

Wouldn't this be grand as a home library? Someday, someday.
Wouldn’t this be grand as a home library? Someday, someday. Image by cphoffman42 via Flickr CC

I started reading at an early age and have been absolutely in love ever since. My parents love to tell me how even as a baby, they could give me books and I would right them if they were upside down. As I have mentioned before, they would tease me about inviting friends over and it ended up with them watching me read. They also knew that taking away my book reading time was the go-to threat that worked to get me to do chores, etc.

As time went on, my appetite for reading grew voraciously. I have spent way too many nights saying “Just one more chapter…one more….one more…whoops, finished the book”. A job at a press clipping service taught me the invaluable skill of speed reading. I love sci fi, fantasy, thrillers, nonfiction and humor, among others. I have read thousands of books over the years and never plan to stop. I want a house someday where I can have a library. Sigh.

2. Video Games

Pitfall was played a lot in our house....especially by mom. Image by Nicolas Esposito via Flickr CC
Pitfall was played a lot in our house….especially by mom.
Image by Nicolas Esposito via Flickr CC

I have played a LOT of video games over the years. It is Mom’s fault, really. She was the one who bought us our first console, the Intellivision, and played quite a bit herself. Next was the original Nintendo. Over the years we moved on up through most of the Nintendo consoles and added in Playstations.

I really got to know Mister Eric because of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. We also have a Legend of Zelda theme for Miss ZZ’s nursery. As soon as she can really use a controller instead of trying to chew on it. we will introduce her to this wonderful world. The family that games together, stays together.

 3. Silly Bands

Weird Al in concert
Weird Al in one of his many, many costumes. This one is especially silly.
Image by ruffin_ready via Flickr CC

The Aquabats

When I was in high school (1994) , my brother introduced me to a band called The Aquabats. His math teacher was the mother of one of the band members (Prince Adam). I feel in love with their wacky ska style. I have been to a lot of their concerts over the years and they are hilarious. They pretend to be superheroes and fight villains on stage, have pool float races over the crowd and other such merriments. The leader singer also happens to be the co-creator of the popular kids’ show, Yo Gabba Gabba.

Weird Al Yankovic

We loved to listen to a little radio show called The Doctor Demento Show on our way home from our grandparents. He played all sorts of novelty songs and featured a young singer named Weird Al Yankovic. He is nothing short of a musical genius! He must change to at least a dozen different

They Might Be Giants

In college, I learned about a band called They Might Be Giants. Their songs are quirky and don’t always make a lot of sense, but are catchy and fun. I have been to quite a few of their concerts too. Their children’s records and DVDs are very fun and educational.


Dad was responsible for my introduction to DEVO. We would watch a LaserDisc of their videos and they were…something else 🙂 Even to this day, I have to crank it up and sing along when “Whip It” comes on the radio.

4. Doctor Who

A fun mashup of Doctor Who and Peanuts Image by  Wild Guru Larry via Flickr CC
A fun mashup of Doctor Who and Peanuts
Image by Wild Guru Larry via Flickr CC

I admit I had a later start with Doctor Who than many fans. I did not even know it existed until the reboot when I was in college.  Number 9 (Christopher Eccleston) is my doctor. I love getting to see the different aliens they come across and places they visit. My favorite episode is “Blink”. It’s so creepily good! I have plans for a TARDIS-themed special Christmas present for Miss ZZ this year along with other Doctor Who crafts. I can’t wait to show y’all.

5. Cosplay

Guild Clara costume fun
Dressed up as Clara, the neglectful mom on The Guild.

I do love dressing up. Many times I was Pippi Longstocking, especially since it gave me an excuse to dye my hair “clown red” as my dad called it. I love shopping at thrift stores and seeing what you can cobble together. Getting to play as your favorite characters. Being crafty. Having fun.

This year for Halloween we are doing characters from Sharknado 2, one of the silliest and inane movies ever. We also have future plans for costumes like Kaylee and Mal in their Shindig outfits and Ezio and Sophia from Assassin’s Creed.


What are 5 fandoms or pastimes that you consider to be geeky or at least influenced who you are today?

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  1. Reply

    LOVE THIS!!! Your cosplay is excellent! Thank you for sharing! xx

    • Skye
    • October 4, 2014

    TMBG was *huge* where I went to college. Helped me know I was in the right place!

    • Maple
    • April 28, 2015

    Hi, I love the Clara cosplay!

    Did you use the officially licensed costume? I was thinking of buying it, but was curious how true to size it ran. I couldn’t find any reviews, but stumbled across you wearing what looks like it, so I was hoping you’d give me your thoughts.


      • Miss Nessa
      • April 28, 2015

      Hi. I did buy it off Amazon. As with all standard non fitted costumes, there are good spots and bad. The place that I seem to have problems is my arms…too tight. I have made an adjustment to it to open it by adding elastic. I need to check the size I got, but I think it was one above usual.

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