DIY Geeky Towels

DIY Geeky Towels
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Towels are an easy way to add a geeky accent to any room. I bought some embroidered ones off Etsy for my science bathroom, but time has taken its toll and they are now dingy. I whipped up these easy DIY geeky towels to freshen it up. Check back soon for alternate versions!

DIY Geeky Towels

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission (at no cost to you) if you buy through this link. I also happen to work for Cricut, but this project is my own design for this blog and not created for my job. See my Disclosure Policy for more details.


DIY Geeky Towels Supplies

1: Choose Your Design

DIY Geeky Towels Cricut Design Space

You can upload your own image or there are some in Cricut Design Space if you are using that. I found a Ready to Make project called Molecule Pencil Case that would go perfectly in my science laboratory bathroom.

I folded my towels in thirds to gauge how big I wanted my designs to be. I used large flour sack towels that were around 11″ wide when folded, so I made mine 6″ wide.

2: Cut and Weed

Follow the instructions on your machine to cut out your design. Do remember to put the iron-on shiny side down and make sure the image is mirrored. Otherwise, you may end up with problems like backward words….not that I’ve ever done that when I wasn’t paying attention, nooooo. 🙂

3: Iron on Your Design

Check the instructions that came with your iron-on for temperatures and time. If you’re using a Cricut EasyPress, you can see a temperature chart here. Warm it up to the proper setting.

Place your iron-on where you would like it on your towel. Press down firmly with the heat source. Once it’s done, flip it over and heat the back. Peel away the backing when you’re done (making sure you know whether your material is warm peel or cold peel) and ta-da!

Super easy, super simple, super geeky!

DIY Geeky Towels Science Equipment

Leave me a comment telling me what kind of geeky images you would put on your towels!

Looking for more fun iron-on projects? Check out these fun projects from some of my friends!

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