Costumes and Cosplay Accessories You Can Make With a Cricut

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Cutting out things by hand for cosplay accessories can be a pain, especially if it’s rather intricate. I remember how long it took to cut out the armor for my Zelda cosplay (I’ll be remaking it this summer with a Cricut tutorial…keep an eye out) and it was indeed tedious.

It also wasn’t as precise as I would have liked it to be. Since I was a newbie to that sort of cosplay crafting, I glued it wrong and it showed up through the paint, looking like golden snail trails. Ah, we all have to begin somewhere 🙂

You can make all sorts of cosplay accessories using a Cricut

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Ever since Cricut sent me an Explore Air 2 machine as part of their blogger program, I have been in love with it. When I first started wishing  that I owned one, it was more for the idea of making my own car decals and other fun little projects. Now that I have worked with it, I can envision so many unique items to make for different costumes and cosplays that I would like to do.

My Cricut Can Cut Over 100 Types of Materials

Cricut holographic vinyl, faux leather and balsa wood
The new Cricut holographic vinyl is awesome, but hard to photograph 🙂

Seriously, it’s not just for paper and vinyl. I am working on some mermaid hair accessories for kids for a post this week and it just cut out balsa wood! It can cut out thin pieces of some of the other soft woods too, like birch. I also cut out some of Cricut’s new holographic vinyl (comes in Opal, Blue, and Pink) and some pebbled faux leather. The aforementioned Zelda armor will be made out of craft foam.

Other materials it can cut:

  • Aluminum
  • Canvas
  • Chipboard
  • Fabrics (most)
  • Felt
  • Iron-on Vinyl
  • Leather (thinner)
  • Silicone

….and so much more!

Cricut cosplay accessories by Two Married Geeks
So easy indeed!

My geeky blog twin Jessica made a superhero mask using craft foam and some medieval cuffs using faux leather. You can hop on over to her blog to get the instructions for these easy cosplay accessories that she made.

More Examples of Costumes and Cosplay Made Using a Cricut

Cricut dragon costume


Such an easy way to make a dragon costume for your favorite kidlet!



Maybe they’d rather have a unicorn costume. Pop on over for the instructions!



Want to feel like royalty for a day? Wear on one of these cardstock crowns.



Pretend every day by putting on one of these superhero capes.



Going to a masquerade ball? Take this peacock mask!


You can turn a sweatsuit into a skeleton costume with this tutorial.

Bonus: The Non-Costume That’s a Costume

I love this 404 Costume T-Shirt. This kind of humor is right up my alley and I NEED to make it soon. It’s great to have on hand for those moments when you are caught short and need a costume lickety-split, or you want a costume that’s really comfortable.

What cosplay accessories would you make with a Cricut?

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