DIY Spider-Verse Shoes With the Cricut EasyPress Mini

It took us a few months to finally see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Leia doesn’t do well in movie theaters, sigh), but once we did, it was instant love, especially for her. I have seen it probably dozens of times by now because of her. I even watch it when she’s not around because it’s just that excellent. When Cricut sent me their new EasyPress Mini, I instantly knew that I wanted to DIY Spider-Verse shoes for her.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.



1: Choose Your Design

Cricut has several Marvel cartridges, which certainly makes my geek heart happy. I decorated my machine before with Avengers decals, though I am switching to Guardians of the Galaxy soon, I think.

For this project, I selected Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen from the Spider-Man Kawaii cartridge. I also grabbed a spiderweb I liked from the choices in Design Space.

Measure your shoes to see what size you would like your design to be. Since these are little kid shoes, I made the characters 1.5″ wide and the spiderwebs were .75″. 

2. Cut and Weed

Turn on your Cricut, set the dial to Iron-on (on an Explore; on a Maker, choose it in the menu,) and connect to your machine. Since this is iron-on, make sure you put the shiny side down on the mat and mirror if you like, depending on how you want the characters to appear. You will have several mats as it will cut out each color separately.

Once they are all cut out, weed away the iron-on. For most of the design, all you have to do is hook a weeder into the corner and pull the excess away. For the spiderwebs and the red part on Miles, take your weeder and remove the parts on the inside of the design.

3. Place and Press

Start by putting the base layer (black for both of these characters) on your shoe and move to where you would like it to be. Iron-on is nice since the vinyl itself isn’t sticky and it’s easy to reposition.

TIP: Roll up a sock and place inside the toe of your shoe. This will give you a firmer pressing surface to make sure the whole design adheres properly.

Turn on your Cricut EasyPress Mini. You want the medium setting, so press the button twice until you see two bars. Let it warm up (it’s quick!) and you are ready to start pressing. For all layers except the top one, only press for 10-15 seconds. You just want it to adhere enough for placement. As you go, make sure the whole design is covered with a carrier sheet if needed so it doesn’t burn.

Tip: Press carefully around the rubber edges on the shoe to avoid them or they may melt. I managed to catch a little bit in one of my presses – whoops!

The order for Gwen is: Black, White, Pink, Tiny Black Piece for pants, then Blue

For Miles: Black, Red, White

For the top layer on both, press for 30 seconds. Add on the spiderwebs where you would like them; I decided to place 3 on each side of a shoe. 

That’s it!  At first, Leia was mad because she thought I was ruining her new shoes. She was only seeing the black base part since I had just started. Once I finished, though, she was over the moon. I’m probably in for it now as they’ll want me to make them custom shoes all the time. 🙂

What designs would you put on shoes? Leave a comment below!

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