Inspire Your Kids to Brush With These Printable Superhero Cards

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As part of our bedtime routine, we help Miss ZZ brush all four of her teeth. She has a soft silicone toothbrush that is shaped like a banana. First I do a little brushing for her, then let her grab it and go to town. She really likes it when Daddy puts the tip of the non-bristle end in his mouth and carefully brushes away. We try to do whatever it takes to start it as a fun and healthy habit.

When she’s a little older, I want to try these printable superhero brushing punch cards. I found out about them from a local chain of pediatric dental offices who have a superhero theme.

Photo courtesy of Burg Pediatric Dentistry
Photo courtesy of Burg Pediatric Dentistry

Aren’t they cute? Your kidlet can write their name on them and keep it in a safe place in the bathroom so it’s handy. You can use a hole punch for each space or simply use a marker. When they’re done, perhaps you can give a small treat or activity as a reward for keeping up this wonderful habit.

Go to Burg Pediatric Dentistry’s site to download the full size version of these cards.

How do you get your kids to brush?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to write this post. I just thought they were cute and useful!

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