Celebrating Pi Day in 2015

Eating chicken pot pie for Pi Day
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I love celebrating quirky holidays when possible. (Ok…it’s more like when I remember for some of them, heh) Pi Day has certainly grown in popularity over the past few years! I mean, do you really need an excuse to grab a delicious slice or two of pie?  We were supposed to go to a big Pi Day Party, but Mister Eric ended up getting off work late and other random happenstances, so we celebrated at home.

Eating chicken pot pie for Pi Day
Miss ZZ wasn’t sure what to think about the pot pie.

Costco had Marie Callenders chicken pot pies on sale during my last visit, so I grabbed a box that day. This was perfect as the main course for our feast. It was the first time Miss ZZ had tasted one of these, as far as I can remember. She seemed to like the carrots and peas the best. It doesn’t surprise me since we have figured out that she likes to eat frozen peas. Weirdness….but awesome at the same time. I am glad that she does well overall in eating her fruits and veggies.

Chocolate pie and HabitRPG.com
Eating pie AND getting things done on HabitRPG…woot!

I did pop to the store that afternoon for dessert. As I expected, many of the pies were out of stock. I had intended to get a Marie Callendars French Silk pie. but I was at least able to nab the last Edwards Special Dark Chocolate Crème Pie. It was absolutely scrumptious! Definitely going to buy it again.

How did you celebrate Pi Day? Do you have a store or restaurant pie to recommend?

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