Would You Buy One Wednesday: Extreme Bacon Bath & Grooming Kit

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Bacon Toothpaste, Body Wash, Bandages, Bacon Floss, Bacon Toothpicks, Bacon Soap, Bacon Lip Balm & Bacon Breath Mints


Bacon is EVERYWHERE. Everything’s better with bacon, after all, right? There’s even a really fun 5K race called the Bacon Chase where you get a cool T-shirt, bacon bits along the way, and unlimited bacon at the end. They even have a .05K course, which is about 164 feet, if you’re not really into racing. I want to do it someday.

I don’t know about this Extreme Bacon Bath & Grooming Kit Gift Pack, though ($44.95 as of 12:33 on 6/4/14). I use lemon flavored toothpaste right now and it is really refreshing. I have not tried any, but I imagine bacon toothpaste leaving you with a greasy feeling after brushing. The same would be true for bacon lip balm in my mind. I don’t know that I would want body wash or soap that would leave me smelling like everyone’s favorite pork product. Bacon mints just sound horrid.

Some of the others would not be as bad. A quick flash of flavor from floss or toothpicks might be fine. We do happen to own some bacon bandages that were given to us as a gift. They are pretty awesome but since they are a bit expensive, we are saving them for special occasions.

So….would you buy one?

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