Holy Crudmonkeys, There’s a 32,000 Piece Puzzle!

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I’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles since I was little.  I love working on them with my mom, hunting for the straight edges first and then trying to find my own little area of the puzzle to focus on.  We would buy the tricky ones with no straight edges, extra pieces, both sides, etc.  I thought we were really rockin’ since we did ones with 500-1000 pieces or more.

I saw someone on Facebook mention that their wife had bought them a 32,256 piece puzzle for Christmas.  Yowza!

I found the puzzle for sale on Amazon.  It’s called “Keith Haring: Double Retrospect” and features 32 different images by that artist.
When it’s all done, it’s an amazing 17 feet long. I do not know where I could even try to put this together. Indeed, this is the world’s biggest commercially-made jigsaw puzzle.  I just wish that it didn’t cost so much!

What’s the biggest amount of pieces you’ve ever had in a puzzle?

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