5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

Learn more about me from the 5 Fandom Friday Series
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Learn more about me from the 5 Fandom Friday Series

I had to jump in quick on this topic (and will resume participating in 5 Fandom Friday now that things are settling down a lot) since we have talked about this sort of idea before in our household. There are indeed characters out there that we would be willing to name our children after. I am grateful for the trend I noticed when I was working at a school a few years ago. These days, there are a wide variety of unique names being used, so it is not as likely to be much of a problem for teasing, etc. as it was in the past. Geekery is also on the rise, so that will help. Without further ado, my list:

1. Link (Legend of Zelda)

If we were to use this name, it would be formally as Lincoln and we would call him Link for short. As I’ve mentioned before, this game series is basically the reason that Mister Eric and I ended up turning friendship into love. It holds a very special place in my heart.

2. Zelda (Legend of Zelda)

This is basically for the same reason as above. For this one, though, it may or may not have already happened 😉

3. Leia (Star Wars)

It would be fun to name all of the girls in our family after geeky princesses. As a bonus, we could also use Luke if we happened to have twins.

4. Kaylee (Firefly)

I love this show! One of my dream cosplays, as I mentioned in a previous 5 Fandom Friday, would be her Shindig dress. I also have ThinkGeek’s Kaylee messenger bag and use it for my diaper bag.

5. Malcolm (Firefly)

I may or may not have a little crush on ol’ Captain Tightpants 🙂 Nathan would also be a great name. Hmm. I don’t know if Mister Eric would like me naming a kid after him for that reason though, hehe.

What characters would you name your kids after?

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    I love the idea of Lincoln/Link!! I, too, am a huge Legend of Zelda-phile!

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    Luke/Leia would be a fun twins name. You came up with some fun names.

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