Trogdor the Burninator Cover…on Cello!

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When I was in college, was popular. I would eagerly watch the new Strong Bad emails each week and look for other new cartoons. I own a Trogdor T-shirt and my sister-in-law is in the process of recreating the Trogdor Christmas ornament that she made for me before; sadly, moving over the years had not been kind to him.

I was recently sent a link to this fun cover of the “Trogdor the Burninator” song, with the instrumental part being provided by a cello. It adds a fierce intensity to the background of the words.

What is your favorite character, memory or video from Homestar Runner? I wish it was still being produced. There was recently a little update for April Fool’s Day, but it has otherwise been idle for years now. So sad. So very very sad. TROGDORRRRRRRRRRRR!

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    • Eric
    • July 1, 2014

    Teen girl squad! Corn chips are no place for a might warrior!

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