Would You Drink These Sodas?

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We were traveling to California to visit my folks and went to a truck stop in North Las Vegas.  In addition to some bacon jerky that I bought for Dad (he lovesssssss jerky!), I found these sodas:

Now, I do love bacon and buffalo chicken, but in sodas?  One of the weirdest things I ever tried was those Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans (affiliate link) from Harry Potter. I liked some better than others. I actually thought the dirt one was somewhat tasty…but perhaps that’s because I’m used to being around soil as a gardener who gets dirty. The strangest to me was the sardines.  It was sweet and fishy and ODD! Buffalo Wing or Bacon soda seems to me like it would have the same type of gastronomical wonder.
These are made by a company called Lester’s Fixins. Their other flavors are:
  • Coffee
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Sweet Corn
I would give these out as a gag gift.  I might try them if I was paid or in a spontaneous mood.
Which one sounds the best (?!?) Would you try these?
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